Outsourcing accounting is a service that is increasingly in demand in Kazakhstan. The use of accounting services is favourable not only to small and medium-sized businesses, but also to large businesses with a large staff of accountants.

The following companies benefit from accounting support:

– small company providing services with a small number of primary documents (LLP/IP);

– medium-sized companies with a fairly large volume of primary documents;

– large companies wishing to reduce their accounting costs;

– to large manufacturing companies in order to optimise their accounting and financial services.

Bookkeeping with the help of a consulting company saves the company a lot of money, especially if you are interested in enhancing the growth of your business.

Companies often face barriers when deciding to use accounting services, one of which is psychological, when the company does not dare to transfer commercial information to external structures. However, this is quite surmountable, because the documents and information that companies transfer to outsourcers do not carry commercial secrets.