How to properly register an LLP, draw up the company’s Articles of Association, determine the subject of entrepreneurship and set the amount of the authorised capital?

These and many other questions are asked by entrepreneurs when registering an LLP. Currently in the Republic of Kazakhstan it is possible to register an LLP in 1 day independently. However, when registering an LLP on their own, many novice entrepreneurs may encounter difficulties: incorrectly executed name, errors in determining the authorised capital, etc. Registration of an LLP with foreign participation or registration of a branch (representative office) of a foreign company on their own is very problematic. In such cases, it is better to turn to specialists.

A foreign citizen or stateless person who plans to purchase real estate in Kazakhstan and open a current bank account with resident banks of the Republic of Kazakhstan, who is the first head of a resident or non-resident legal entity of the Republic of Kazakhstan, who receives income from sources of the Republic of Kazakhstan, etc. must In accordance with the tax legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan for taxation purposes, you must obtain an individual identification number (IIN) by applying to the State Department of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

“Independent Legal Partnership” company has been on the market of legal services in Kazakhstan for more than 5 years. Over the years we have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs (including foreign citizens) to register their companies without unnecessary red tape. Our lawyers have many years of experience and will help in solving the following issues:

  • Registration of legal entities (LLP, PUK, PA, etc.)
  • Re-registration of legal entities
  • Change of legal address
  • Change of executive body
  • Change or addition of OKED
  • Increase of authorised capital
  • Personnel proceedings
  • Liquidation of a legal entity
  • Receipt of BIN for legal entities
  • Receipt of IIN for individuals
  • Receipt of EDS key
  • VAT registration
  • Registration of cash registers
  • Trade mark registration
  • Expertise and drafting of contracts
  • Representation in court:Bank disputes
  • Property disputes
  • On economic (economic) disputes
  • Family disputes (alimony, divorce, etc.).
  • On inheritance disputes
  • Housing disputes
  • On insurance disputes
  • On land disputes
  • On appealing against the actions of state authorities, etc.

Our specialists will advise on all questions of interest and help to collect a package of documents.