Development of accounting and tax policies in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Accounting policy is a document that establishes the principles, bases, agreements, rules and practices of accounting and tax accounting in a company. The legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan requires any company to develop an accounting policy, which should be implemented on an annual basis. As a rule, accounting policies are developed by the chief accountant and approved by the head of the company. Accounting and tax policies should be written with due regard to the specifics of the company’s activities. A company should adhere to the principles of its accounting and tax policies throughout the year. Sometimes when drafting this document, mistakes are made that lead to tax disputes. Therefore, many companies outsource the preparation of the accounting and tax policy document, while in-house accountants can focus on current affairs. Independent Legal Partnership has been on the accounting services market for over 7 years. Over the years we have developed accounting and tax policies for hundreds of our clients. Our specialists will individually approach to each client, make accounting and tax policies in accordance with the specifics of the company’s activities and the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Call, leave a request, our specialists will give you free advice on all questions you may have.