Individual identification numbers (IIN) are widely used in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan for individuals to receive public services, pay tax and other mandatory payments, register legal entities, open bank accounts, including card accounts, and perform various registration actions. At the same time, the requirements to present documents containing identification numbers have been extended not only to citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, but also to foreign citizens permanently and temporarily residing in the territory of our country. Thus, without an assigned IIN, foreign citizens can no longer undergo the procedure of state registration of legal entities (e.g. LLPs) or immovable property, cannot enter into labour relations or use the services of banks to open and maintain accounts. Therefore, foreigners need to obtain an IIN for full-fledged work and business. Individual identification number (in Kazakh Zheke saikestendiru nөmіrі]) is a unique number consisting of 12 digits assigned to a physical person of the Republic of Kazakhstan once and for life. In Kazakhstan since 1 January 2013 replaced the RNN and SIC. It is located on the front and back side of the ID card of a citizen of Kazakhstan of a new sample (from 1 December 2014). On the front side, lower left corner, on the back side at the end of the first line of the machine-readable part of the certificate. The procedure for obtaining an IIN takes 3 working days from the moment the documents are registered. Also, it takes a few days to collect documents and fill in forms. The documents are handed over to the IDIN centre. Our specialists will advise on all questions of interest and help to collect a package of documents.