Very often companies face such necessity as restoration of bookkeeping for various reasons: absence of bookkeeping or its improper maintenance, damage of primary documents due to force majeure, presence of errors in documents, etc.

When a company has realised the need to restore its accounting records, it faces such questions as where to start the restoration and who will carry it out? The stages of restoring accounting records can be briefly described as follows: an accounting audit, determining the scope of work, drawing up a work plan, restoration work itself, and submitting accounting statements.

If the restoration of accounting was carried out in compliance with all the rules, the company can avoid fines from the state authorities, set up accounting, and the management will get full transparency of accounting.

One of the best options when choosing a method of recovery is to transfer this function to a specialised company. Independent Legal Partnership” company has been on the market of accounting services of the Republic of Kazakhstan for more than 7 years. Over the years we have restored accounting for hundreds of companies. Call, leave a request for service. Our specialists will give free advice on all questions of interest.