When registering an LLP, entrepreneurs or representatives are bound to face the question as to what address the legal entity should be registered at. The legal address of an LLP is recognised as the location of its permanent body, i.e. the place of employment of the Director of the LLP. Also, requests of various state bodies will be sent to the legal address of the LLP, on the basis of which it will be attached to one or another territorial subdivision of the Department of State Administration of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan, etc. An entrepreneur has several options for registering a legal address. Learn more about what options are allowed by law and which one is better to use from the specialists of Independent Legal Partnership. We recommend registering the LLP at the place of its actual activity (regardless of the residence address of the founder or director). In this case, the legal address is indicated in the constituent documents of the legal entity and serves as a reference point for attributing the organisation to one or another territorial subdivision of the tax service, for sending official letters and notices. The legal address is also entered in the National Register of Business Identification Numbers. A legal address is also required to open a current account in a bank.

There is also a concept of the actual address, which may coincide with the legal address (if the business activity is conducted there and the executive body is located there), or not coincide (if the executive body is located at one address, but the activity is conducted at another).

According to Clause 3 of Article 39 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, counterparties and state bodies may send correspondence both to the legal and actual address of a legal entity.

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